Purely Sedona. Our Story.

From one of the most beautiful places on Earth, comes a beautifully simple concept.

We are for water. But above all, we are for health, purity and positivity. And you can see the passion and commitment of our employees reflected in the pure water we deliver each day.

We’re proud to live in a part of the world that touches all who come into contact with it. But as much as we love how the Sedona region changes us, we’re strongly committed to making sure we don’t change it.

Our operation utilizes the most modern and technologically advanced equipment and practices to ensure that nothing bad enters your water – or the environment from which it came.

We also are committed to not only celebrating our community, but also supporting it through our employee programs and our partnerships and donations that help local charities and events. Purely Sedona is a product of the Sedona Bottling Company, a part of this community for over 14 years.

About Sedona Bottling

To learn more about Sedona Bottling Company visit SedonaBottling.com.

Purely Sedona FAQ

Is Purely Sedona really from Sedona?

100 Percent. Every drop of water in each Purely Sedona bottle is sourced from a registered and protected spring in the Oak Creek Canyon of Sedona, AZ.

What is “Artesian Water”?

Artesian water is ground water confined under pressure between layers of super solid underground volcanic rock that flows naturally to the surface. The rock limits contaminants from entering into the aquifer, while also pressurizing the chamber. This results in remarkably pure and balanced water with naturally occurring electrolytes.

What makes Purely Sedona water so special?

Well, there is the science behind it – the purity of our source, the fact that it has a pH balance of 8, no added sodium, and naturally occurring electrolytes. But then there’s everything that science has yet to explain, but that millions have discovered, when it comes to the unique healing, sustaining and rejuvenating power of Sedona’s waters.

Are there electrolytes inside Purely Sedona?

There sure are. But these aren’t the manufactured type you find in sugary sports drinks. These are the naturally occurring variety that can only be found in artesian spring water from this region. Through our filtration and ozonation we are able to retain the natural minerals and taste that make this water so amazing.

What pH is Purely Sedona? And why should you care?

Purely Sedona water has a naturally occurring pH of 8. This is regarded by many as the optimum level of balance for drinking water and is not only ideal for daily hydration and health, but also to help flush the body of acidic wastes, impurities and toxins.

Where can I get Sedona water?

To find a retail location nearest you, click on our “Shop” tab and enter your zip code. All of our products are subject to availability. If you are interested in selling Purely Sedona, please contact [email protected].

What is the shelf life of Purely Sedona water?

A good rule of thumb applied to all bottled water in the US is 2 years. However, this generally applies to water in plastic bottles. The glass bottles used in Purely Sedona’s operation should deliver a superior quality product even beyond this benchmark. However, you may notice a reduction in carbonation of the sparkling water after this period.

Is Purely Sedona water served in restaurants?

It certainly should be. Purely Sedona pairs well with everything from pizza to sushi to steak. And, unlike some beverages, we encourage you to drink it to excess. If your favorite restaurant is not serving Purely Sedona, demand that they start.

Will Purely Sedona sponsor my event or offer a product donation?

We are not accepting sponsorship or product donation requests at this time. If you have questions about corporate partnerships, please feel free to contact us through our customer service page.