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Energize & refresh with natural spring water from deep in the desert.

Makes you happy. Keeps you healthy.

For generations, the spring water flowing from the Oak Creek Canyon of Sedona has been sought out and prized for its purity. Formed by rain and snowfall over hundreds of years and naturally filtered through the rocks of the canyon, the spring water you hold in your hand is truly one of a kind. Drink in the rejuvenating beauty of the canyon and let its refreshing purity restore and sustain you.

Our Source

Discover Sedona.

For generations, visitors from across the globe have journeyed to Sedona, Arizona. Whether to escape or to become more connected, Sedona inspires a sense of awe to those who seek it.

Redrock Arizona

Life. Pure & Simple.

We invite you to bring Sedona into your life. To experience the wonder and natural beauty of Sedona’s canyons and forests. To become rejuvenated in the mystical vortexes that permeate the region. And to be refreshed by the pure waters that flow from the Oak Creek Canyons.

While Sedona still holds many secrets, there is no mystery in what draws us here. From the scenic vistas, abundance of recreational opportunities and endless Sedona skies, there’s no question it’s one of the most special places on Earth.

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Our Water

It’s the canyon you crave.

Purely Sedona Artesian Spring Water originates from a registered and protected artesian spring in Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona. Oak Creek Canyon is a sacred river gorge that runs along the Mogollon Rim in Northern Arizona.

From the spectacular rain storms that bring life to the region, to the million delicate waterfalls that ultimately wind their way to the Oak Creek Canyon, the water that emerges is naturally purified. Yet, it retains the trace minerals and electrolytes that set this water apart from all others.

From the vortex comes a new spin on pure refreshment.

Oak Creek Canyon is at the heart of a highly-active region of energy vortexes – red, mysterious, funnel-shaped energy anomalies that have been said to possess healing and energizing attributes. They have helped turn Sedona into one of the most popular destinations for healing, spirituality and meditation. The energy emerging from the four main vortexes in Sedona has been said to resonate and strengthen the inner being.


Mountain Sourced.
Naturally Pure.

Every drop of water in a Purely Sedona bottle is sourced from a registered and protected spring in the Oak Creek Canyon of Sedona, Arizona. The natural filtration process that produces our artesian water eliminates contaminants while retaining key minerals that deliver better flavor and nutritional benefits.

The water is balanced.
So you can be too.

Oak Creek Canyon water also has a natural pH of 8, making it naturally less acidic than other spring water. That perfect balance allows the water to help detoxify the body, while supporting optimum health and vitality. Natural electrolytes and zero sodium make our spring one of the premier springs in the Southwest.

Nature. Perfected.

While Mother Nature has done the hard work, Purely Sedona adds the final touches by applying a proprietary filtration and ozonation process. From the time the water reaches us to the moment the cap is sealed, each bottle of Purely Sedona water is handled with the same respect we bestow upon the ground from which it was sourced.

Still & Sparkling

Two paths to refreshment.

Sedona Artesian Spring Water & Sparkling Water

Both pure. Both refreshing. Each is infused with the naturally occurring energy that makes Sedona unlike any place on earth; a place celebrated as a source of healing, balance and vitality.

Purely Sedona Artesian Spring Water

Simple. Pure. Refreshing. Naturally occurring electrolytes and balanced to a perfect pH of 8. Has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Purely Sedona Sparkling Spring Water

Light. Delicious. Effervescent. The pure waters of the Oak Creek Canyons combined with just the right amount of carbonation.